Your #MeantToBe winners

September 9th, 2015

This summer we asked our students to share their #MeantToBe moments – the time that they took a step back and realised ‘The University of Nottingham is where I’m meant to be’.

We received lots of fantastic entries celebrating friendships, achievements, academic success and of course, our beautiful campuses. It’s clear that The University of Nottingham means something different to everyone of our students.

Each of our winners takes away a £500 Amazon voucher. Our runners-up claim one of our fantastic prizes celebrating the best that Nottingham has to offer: a meal for two at Annie’s Burger Shack, a night of ping pong and pizza at Das Kino, a free meal at Five Guys and a free game at Cryptology live escape rooms.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who shared their #MeantToBe moments.

The winners

Amy Summers


So, I’m entering this#meanttobe #UoN thing!! Warning – this will sound very, very cheesy… �� but it’s honestly so true. My #meanttobe moment at the University of Nottingham: It was a Friday afternoon in February, we’d finished our lectures for the week and the three of us went for a walk around the campus, visited the beautiful millennium gardens, the lake and Highfields park, where we’d wanted to go for ages ☺ I just remember laying on the big swing in the park staring at the blue sky and feeling like everything worked out, and we were all so happy. I was with two of my amazing friends who I’d met here, I was finally doing the course I’d always wanted to do and I was at the loveliest, most beautiful place having the best time. So anyway yeah. That was really it. ���� #bestdayever #universityofnottingham #meanttobe #tb #welovetheswings #sorryforthespam☀����

George Abrahams

At #UoN I was given the freedom to grow, inside and outside of lectures. #MeantToBe #SkydiveClub

The best of the rest

Kate Arnold


The moment I realised I’m #MeantToBe @ #UoN – at a PhD Writing Retreat, winner of an international space hopper race.

Goldie Aboutorabi

Favourite moment: celebrating 3 years with the friends I met in my first week! It was always #MeantToBe #UoN

Francesca Godenzi

#MeantToBe I came to Nottingham on a summer school and instantly fell in was a difficult decision but I chose to go to uni somewhere else. After a year I knew that wasn’t the right place for me.. I’m so glad I started again in Nottingham, I’ve had absolutely no regrets, met the best people who will be friends for life and I really wouldn’t have it any other way. #UoN#BestUniEver

Dante Hall


First night in Halls. Strangers became close friends in only a few hours. Certainly was #MeantToBe #uon #freshers

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October 5th, 2015 at 8:45 am


Why most of the winners are White people? It is not supposed to be an International University.

October 5th, 2015 at 8:55 am

Mike Munro

Hi Victor, we are an international university and that’s something we’re very proud of. We had a lot of entries from students and the judging panel chose the winners based on the strength of their photos and their ‘meant to be’ moment.

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