Women’s Staff Network rated ‘awesome’ by Inclusive Networks

August 26th, 2015

The University’s Women’s Staff Network has been recognised as an Awesome Network by Inclusive Networks.

Inclusive Networks are a hub to celebrate diversity and inclusion, and have published this list of Awesome Networks to celebrate the positive impact of network groups across all sectors in the UK.

Laura Higgins, Chair of the Women’s Staff Network, said: “We are thrilled to be recognized as an Awesome Network in the Inclusive Networks 2015 list.

“The University of Nottingham Women’s Staff Network has been running for a number of years now with ever increasing membership. The network is run by women for women and acts as a confidential forum for debate and networking in both formal and informal settings. We aim to promote a sense of community and commonality among female staff members of all levels and hope to further grow the network in the next year to build on successes we have already seen and to continue to benefit women at The University.”

Guaranteeing equal prospects

Catherine Bird, member of the network and Administrator in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, added: “The Women’s Staff Network is about guaranteeing women are not unethically disadvantaged and have equal prospects, while providing the change to build new connections and mutually beneficial relationships.”

The Women’s Staff Network was launched in 2009 and is supported by the University’s Staff Equality and Diversity Advisory Group, to which they formally report general issues of interest or concern and also, where appropriate, Human Resources. Staff networks are an important part of the way the University works. They do two important things: advocate for change where it’s needed; and provide a supportive forum for their members to share issues and experiences. The expertise of the networks contributes to projects, action plans and training for staff, and they provide a safe space for individuals while also pushing strategy onwards with senior colleagues.

Earlier this year, the UoN Disability Network, supporting staff and students, was also named as an Awesome Network in Inclusive Networks’ inaugural list of 40 Awesome Networks.

Vision for the future

The University’s vision for the next five years includes a strong commitment to support diversity and equality in its core values. Read Global Strategy 2020 for more information about the University’s principles and plans for the future.

Find out more about the University’s staff networks on our website. You can also visit the Inclusive Networks website for a full list of Awesome Networks.

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