Webinars for managers and team leaders

June 9th, 2020

The Leadership and Management Academy have added to their series of webinars to offer managers and team leaders practical guidance and support while working away from the office.

Upcoming webinars include:

Wednesday 17 June: 10am – 10.50am
Webinar: Staying healthy whilst working from home – Practical advice and tips for you and your teams
Working from home is likely to be a different experience for many than working on campus. Less moving between buildings or between floors in buildings, and less trips to the photocopier! Whatever our situation, there’s potential for us to become more sedentary in the way that we are working. Finding ways to stretch, exercise and take regular screen breaks is important, as well as keeping healthy snacks to hand. This webinar lead by Tom Sherratt and Bharat Samra from the UoN Sports Team is packed of practical hints, tips and activities for keeping you and your team healthy whilst working from home.
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Thursday 18 June: 9.30am – 10.20am
Webinar: Focusing on you
Focusing allows you to create a clear space, and even experience growth, in a crisis. This webinar, led by Emma Tickle, offers you the opportunity to explore what focusing is so that you might do both of these things for yourself. Gendlin, (1956), developed steps to guide your attention inwardly towards your bodily felt sense. The felt sense processes experience with greater immediacy and intricacy than either thinking, or, feeling allow. Focusing recognises that while your experience of the Covid-19 crisis is unique to you, the felt sense is always constructive, even if we can’t always make sense of it. This webinar introduces you to this limitless, free, well-being resource, as well as offering you the opportunity to participate in a focusing practice. It is hoped that the webinar will inspire you to explore how focusing helps with emotionally regulation, tolerance for uncertainty and the potential for growth, even in the most challenging of times.
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Thursday 18 June: 3pm – 3.50pm
Webinar: Coping with home schooling: strategies and ideas
Debra Costley will suggest and discuss some strategies that could be used by all parents to support children learning at home during this lock down period, and beyond.
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Monday 22 June: 10am – 10.50am
Webinar: Managing a homeworking team – an essential guide for leaders and managers
Join Carol Steed from the Leadership and Management team at UoN to hear about some of the common issues that arise when staff work at home, particularly during this Covid-19 pandemic from. It’s also an opportunity share your own successes and experiences, as well as ask for help and support from colleagues about particular things you are dealing with, including how you can adjust your own leadership practice to these different circumstances.
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Tuesday 23 June: 11am – 11.50am
Webinar: Returning to campus: practical considerations when bringing your team members back to campus (HR)
There are many practical considerations that need to be made before allowing colleagues to return to campus, with specific processes to be followed to ensure safety for our staff, students and wider University community. In this webinar members of the HR team will walk you through some of the things you need to be aware of, some of the scenarios you might be facing, and how to respond to these. This webinar compliments the Return to Operations – Manager’s Guide (HR) and is part of a ‘Returning to campus’ webinar series.
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You can also register your interest for upcoming events. Find out more here [Moodle log in required].

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