Vice-Chancellor’s medal — nominations open

January 29th, 2018

A call for nominations for the 2018 Vice-Chancellor’s Medal is now underway.

The medal is awarded for exceptional achievement by staff or students. Any current member of staff or current student at any of the University’s campuses in China, Malaysia or the UK may be nominated.

Criteria for the award of the medal:

  • Exceptional achievement in a particular arena;
  • Outstanding contribution to advancing equality, diversity and inclusion in University life;
  • Notable endeavour which has made a difference to the University;
  • A substantive contribution which has enhanced the reputation of the University of Nottingham;
  • Activity which has had a noticeably positive impact for students, staff or the local community;
  • An individual achievement or sustained achievement over a period of time.

Examples of exceptional achievement by staff include sporting success, leadership of a community project, exceptional service as a school governor, innovation in service delivery, notable curricular innovation or significant research impact of some kind.

Student exceptional achievement could include contributions to Hall or JCR, sporting club, student society, other Students’ Union activities or representation, volunteering in the community, as a student ambassador, student caller, fundraising, or some other activity within a School.

Note though these are just examples and not intended to limit the grounds on which someone might be proposed for an award.

Nomination and selection process:

The nomination and selection process for this year is as follows:

  • The deadline for nominations is 5pm, Thursday 29 March.
  • Normally nomination is through head of school/department or President of the Students’ Union but anyone else can propose.
  • Nominations are considered once a year by a panel, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, which includes the President of the Students’ Union in its membership.
  • Those selected by the panel to receive a Vice-Chancellor’s Medal are presented with a specially created medal and certificate at an appropriate University event during the academic year.

Nomination Process:

Each nomination must include the following information:

  • Name, school/department and email address of the nominee;
  • A summary of the staff member or student’s employment or registration at the University;
  • Confirmation of support from head of school/department and/or Students’ Union President and name, position, email address and telephone number of proposer;
  • The proposal for the award of the Vice-Chancellor’s Medal (indicating the nature of the achievement and why it should be recognised in this way). This section should be no more than 300 words but attachments may be added if helpful.

A brief form is attached here for your use.

Nominations should be submitted to the Registrar via Maria Donoghue no later than Thursday 29 March 2018.

It is expected that only a small number of Vice-Chancellor’s Medals will be presented in any year making this a very special award for University of Nottingham staff and students. Resubmissions in subsequent years will be accepted.

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One Comment

February 16th, 2018 at 9:08 am

Kevin Pyke

Kevin has had a profound effect on my life and is retiring this year. As head of plant science, he’s been the most influential person in structuring my education to ensure I succeed, and his expertise has fuelled my interest in plants. I actually changed degrees due to his enthusiasm and drive whilst introducing me to plant science in my first year; I’m now a Masters student. No single teacher has had more of an influence on my life and time at Nottingham.

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