Recruitment and selection support — new role profile template and resources

May 13th, 2019

The University is introducing a new role profile form and resources to support recruitment and selection.

In 2017, the University introduced ‘Building a Culture for Success’, which defines the core behaviours that we expect of all our staff at work, across all job families and at all job levels. If you are unfamiliar with ‘Building a Culture for Success’, you can download and review a copy using the following link:

Last year, we engaged a cross-section of recruiting managers to participate in a pilot project that looked at how the expectations and behaviours could be considered and assessed in recruitment and selection activities. As a result, we are introducing a new recruitment role profile form, which will include the expectations and behaviours relevant to every job role. This will replace the current role profile form, which will be taken offline and phased out by October 2019. Please note, it will not be necessary for you to update the role profiles for current employees, this only applies to new recruitment activity.

We are also introducing a number of resources that will be available to support managers to assess the expectations and behaviours in recruitment and selection, including:

  • Guidance on how to identify the expectations and behaviours for a role and how to attract, assess and select candidates who meet them
  • A new recruitment & selection workshop focused on behavioural interviewing skills
  • An online resource hub

We will be launching the new role profile and resources in June 2019 and members of the Recruitment Team will be running a number of hour-long roadshows which will cover:

  • Why recruiting and selecting for behaviours is important to the University
  • An introduction to the new role profile form
  • Demonstrate how the University’s expectations and behaviours can be considered throughout the recruitment and selection process
  • Hear from members of staff who have adopted a behaviour focus, and how it benefitted their recruitment and their team or department
  • Provide details of tools and resources that will be available
  • An opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification

If you are interested in attending one of the roadshows, please access the following link to view the details and book a place:

Should you have any questions regarding this email then please contact either Emma Fowler or Megan Garner.

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