Using USB devices safely at the university

April 26th, 2022

The university is reminding all staff to be careful when using USB devices and not to store personal or sensitive data on them unless they are fully encrypted.

USB sticks and pens are very convenient for fast access to frequently used items like presentations.

But because of their small size they are one of the things that most often gets dropped, lost or left plugged in to laptops.

Because of this our advice is never store any personal or sensitive data on a USB device unless it is fully encrypted, this means that if you lose it or leave it behind then no one else can access any of the data that is on the device.

The university has obligations placed on us under UK GDPR to make sure we are taking all reasonable measures to keep our data safe, and this extends beyond pcs and laptops.

Peripheral items such as USBs can be purchased through DTS and can be found through the usual ordering channels.

For more Information Compliance and Security advice please visit the Information Security Sharepoint Site.

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