Use of Zoom at the University

April 21st, 2020

We are aware that some staff and students have been using Zoom to conduct meetings or hold conversations. Questions have been asked by the community around the use of this system within the University of Nottingham.

The Information and Compliance team, IT Security team and the Teaching and Learning Board have confirmed that Zoom should not be used for any internal University meetings. This is due to concerns around Zoom’s security vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with our GDPR requirements.

For internal meetings and phone calls, only Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, MeetingZone or StarLeaf should be used. Our contractual arrangements with these suppliers ensure information, meetings and conversations are stored securely and confidentially.

Please do not use Zoom for internal meetings. If you use Zoom, this should only be for:

  • your personal use
  • or to attend meetings and webinars organised externally

We are aware that our current video conference tools may not support hosting webinars. While Zoom is just one of many video conferencing / webinar platforms, we will be working on some guidance and recommendations for the University and will communicate further.

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