Update to Windows 10 on university managed laptops / desktops

March 8th, 2022

To ensure your version of Windows 10 stays in continued support from Microsoft, we will be releasing a feature update from Tuesday 15 March.

The update will take approximately 60 minutes to install once your computer is ready to be restarted.

There will be a notification requesting you to restart your computer, please do so when convenientwe recommend end of day. You can start the installation anytime by right clicking the green square icon and select ‘Restart Now’.

Please note, if you have pending system updates, you will need to install these first and restart your computer before you can install the Windows 10 update.

Steps to start the update

If you are working off-campus, you may first need to connect to the university VPN and stay connected for a couple of hours. The Windows 10 update will then be downloaded in the background from Microsoft. You will be notified when a restart is ready.

After connecting to the VPN, you can also start the download and update via the Software Centre by searching for ‘Software Center’ in the Start menu. Then click on ‘Updates’.

Please ensure you update Windows by end of March 2022.

If you have any questions, or require support with updating Windows 10, please contact the IT Service Desk or Campus IT Support.

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