Update to student policies

September 8th, 2020

The start of the new academic year sees some new policies and procedures come into effect and some changes to existing procedures.

The updates below came into effect on Monday 21 September 2020.

Policy on Proofreading
Students will often ask someone to proofread work for them before submitting, but there’s a fine line between proofreading and committing academic misconduct. This policy is applicable to all students and sets out what is acceptable for a proofreader to do, and what is not.

In some disciplines – and for particular assessments – it may not be appropriate for any proofreading to take place (e.g. where correct grammar is part of the assessment criteria).

Where it is inappropriate for a student to have their work reviewed, their school/department should make them aware of this in advance of undertaking the assessment.
Read the policy

Examination Self-Certification Policy
Although we are not currently running in-person examinations, this policy will apply to future exams which meet the criteria set out in the policy.

Sometimes students are unable to get to an exam and, for the same reason, cannot get to a doctor to obtain medical evidence in support of an Extenuating Circumstances claim. For this reason, the University is allowing self-certification of absence from examinations in some circumstances.

As this doesn’t apply to all assessments and because there are restrictions on its use, reading through the policy is advised.
Read the policy

Changes to the Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure
It is important that all staff involved in the teaching, supervision and assessment of students understand how the University views matters of misconduct so that they are aware of the potential consequences. Some small but significant changes have been made to this policy and procedure, which are applicable to all students.

Forms of academic misconduct which are likely to result in more severe penalties have been identified and new guidance has been created on the application of penalties by schools and departments.

Read the Academic Misconduct policy and the Academic Misconduct procedure.

The policies will be published for students on Monday 21 September 2020.

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