Update to refresh to the Print Service

April 21st, 2020

Since last year, Information Services have been refreshing and improving the University Print Service. Some of the final elements of the project will be delayed. Here are some updates:

  • Printer replacements and removals are currently on hold until access to University campuses is resumed.
  • Due to the current circumstance, an unscheduled review of the print service costs will be taking place with Xerox, IS and Finance teams. We will provide an update in next financial year.
  • We are continuing to update printer champions details for all printers to ensure they are correct. We will be working on updating posters next to printers, improving instructions and releasing a new SharePoint site for all print guidance and support.
  • There are currently no monthly print reports, this is something we will continue to work on and will share more information with Departmental Print Managers (DPMs).

Further information and updates will be made available on the Digital Network blog.


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