Update from Professor Dame Jessica Corner: care homes trial offers hope

January 29th, 2021

In a troubling week for the UK in its fight against the pandemic, it is heartening that a University of Nottingham-led national study offers hope of reducing the impact of coronavirus in care homes.

Professor Philip Bath and Professor Adam Gordon from the School of Medicine are leading a National Institute for Health Research-funded trial aiming to better protect care home residents from Covid-19.

Up to 400 care homes will to take part in PROTECT, a trial of drugs that already show promise for treating Covid-19. If these drugs can also prevent transmission and reduce severity of the virus, there is real hope of protecting the most vulnerable while also allowing residents to enjoy visits from their families.

New era for clinical research in Nottingham
The University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust have today unveiled a shared vision of becoming world leaders in clinical and biomedical research and transformative patient care.

The new Nottingham Joint Research Office will strengthen our existing partnership and amplify our commitment to transform patient outcomes and boost our city’s worldwide reputation for advances in clinical care.

Renewing our Research Strategy for a post-Covid world
Research remains an absolute priority. To strengthen our commitment to delivering world-class research that changes lives, the university is renewing its Research Strategy. This new strategy will run from 2022-27 and will further support recovery and our mission of building a more resilient world.

We are now planning the design and delivery of the strategy, and this comprehensive process will be inclusive and reflect the values and goals of the university strategy. A vibrant and inclusive research culture is essential to our shared mission, and your input is highly valued. Please look out for details of how you can get involved as we consult with colleagues and together help shape the future of our research.

Your wellbeing
We are all under considerable strain and your wellbeing remains our absolute priority. Please stay in touch with one another, and don’t hesitate to reach out to offer or seek support.

More on support:

Read Dame Jessica’s full update.

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