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UoN backs Nottingham’s bid for European Capital of Culture 2023

August 16th, 2017

Nottingham has confirmed that it will be bidding to become the European Capital of Culture 2023. The announcement was made at a launch event held on Wednesday 16 August. The University of Nottingham is backing the city’s bid.

The European Capital of Culture (ECOC) is a city — or cities — designated by the European Union for a period of one calendar year. During this year the ECOC will host a series of cultural events. In 2023 both the UK and Hungary will host a European Capital of Culture.

The announcement took place at a luminarium created by local artists Architects of Air. Nottingham will be competing against Belfast, Dundee, Leeds and Milton Keynes but Nottingham’s European Capital of Culture 2023 bid team is confident of heavy support from across the Midlands. It is calling on locals to become Nottingham 2023 ‘Cultural Lions’.

Paul Russ, chairman of Nottingham’s Cultural Strategy Partnership and chair of the Nottingham 2023 board said: “As part of the bid, we want to give everyone in Nottingham the opportunity to take part in a project, production or experience and nurture the next generation of creative producers and cultural leaders.

“We’re proposing a ‘cultural change’ programme that will transform the lives of people in the Midlands; harnessing the power of creativity, stimulating innovation, attracting investment and creating new international networks that will redefine our relationship to Europe and the world.”

University of Nottingham Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir David Greenaway added: “Creativity and cultural vibrancy is an engine for growth, business and graduate retention and poses huge opportunities for our city, students and public.”

Nottingham’s bid forms part of the Nottingham Cultural Strategic Partnership’s 10-year cultural framework plan and will be developed by Festival and Events International.

Visit the Nottingham ECOC website to get involved and show your support for the bid:

Website: www.nottingham2023.co.uk

You can also show your support by following the Nottingham ECOC channels below:

Instagram: @Nottingham2023
Facebook: facebook.com/Nottingham2023
Twitter: @Nottingham2023

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