University hosts largest ever Digital Accessibility conference

July 25th, 2023

The university’s Learning Technology department recently organised and facilitated a conference on Digital Accessibility – which was a resounding success with more than 250 people coming from all over the world to attend in person.

Hosted by the Learning Technology team, this was the largest Digital Accessibility conference ever held, funded by Libraries, and Education and Student Experience. The conference centred on the theme of accessibility and cultural change, highlighting the importance of envisaging a better future, creating conditions for change, and sustaining that change. It encompassed three key themes:

Theme One: Achieving Lasting Change
Focuses on the institutional mechanisms necessary for sustainable transformation. The discussions delved into leadership, vision, programme and project management, institutional roles and legal considerations, empowering attendees to drive lasting change within their organisations through collaboration and shared learning.

Theme Two: Embedding Best Practice
Addresses the multifaceted elements required to comprehensively tackle accessibility challenges. Professionals from various roles, including learning technology, libraries, professional development, student experience, and support services, gained insights into program and project management, change management, engagement strategies, promotion and communication techniques, and training and support frameworks essential for fostering accessibility.

Theme Three: An Inclusive Curriculum
Highlighted the significance of creating an inclusive learning experience. Discussions revolved around digital learning materials, learning design and the student experience, with a focus on core accessibility, technical standards, universal design for learning and content challenges. Attendees gained valuable insights from media specialists, learning technologists, librarians and content developers, equipping them with tools and technologies to create an inclusive teaching and learning environment.

Attendees at the conference explored innovative solutions, shared best practice and identified the challenges that lay ahead. Delegate discussions went beyond the technical aspects of accessibility, focusing on the importance of empathy, understanding and collaboration.

The conference was a success and its impact will undoubtedly reverberate throughout the interested parties involved in digital accessibility across HE in instigating positive change and fostering a community of shared vision and collaboration.

Attendees praised the organisation of the event, the quality of the presentations, and the venues and refreshments both in person and online.

Recordings of the presentations will be available soon from the conference website.

For further information about digital accessibility, and future developments please contact a faculty Digital Learning Director. Information can be found on the Digital learning Director website.

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