Trusted Research safeguarding against security risks

May 22nd, 2024

To enhance the university’s security, the Trusted Research team has put in place safeguards that address MI5’s warning to UK universities about hostile foreign states targeting sensitive research.

Amid concerns that overseas funding from foreign powers may be used to steal intellectual property or threaten the integrity of universities, the UK Government is looking into a series of measures to improve national security. You can read about these measures in this article published in the Guardian.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange, Tom Rodden said, “As a leading UK university, we remain in discussion with our national security services about the latest developments.

I want to reassure everyone, that at the University of Nottingham, we are in a strong position, with our Trusted Research team providing support to ensure our cutting-edge research is safeguarded while maintaining a relationship with our overseas funders that remains open to innovation and collaboration”.

Jason Feehily, Head of Trusted Research, explained this support, “For those involved in sensitive areas of research, the Trusted Research team is providing tailored training to maintain research and national security.

“As an integral part of the Trusted Research process, for the university to meet the funders requirements, it completes all necessary Trusted Research checks, identifies project mitigations, and adheres to national security requirements.

“If you have any queries around funders Trusted Research requirements or would like to discuss specific training requirements, please contact me at”.

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