Tri-Campus Awards: submit a nomination and celebrate members of our research community

February 7th, 2024

At the Researcher Academy, we’re passionate about fostering a vibrant research culture and celebrating the brilliance of our dedicated researchers, technicians and support staff.  Our annual Tri-Campus Awards are an opportunity for us all to come together to recognise and celebrate colleagues who have made exceptional contributions to our researcher community.

We invite you to be part of this celebration by submitting your nominations and ensuring that our researchers, supervisors, technicians, and administrative colleagues feel the appreciation they truly deserve. Finalists will be invited to the Researcher Academy Tri-Campus awards ceremony taking place on University Park in May.

Let’s come together to honour those who make a difference in the world of research and contribute to the growth of our researcher community.

Award Categories

Awards for Postgraduate Research Students

Awards for research staff, technicians and administrative staff

Team Awards

Submit your nomination by 12 noon on Monday 11 March 2024 using this link.

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