University’s travel and expenses policy updated

May 28th, 2024

The university has reviewed and updated our Travel and Expenses policy in line with the Policy Management Framework.

The previous version of the policy has been removed to form the supporting Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Rates that were previously incorporated into the policy can now be found  within the SOP. Key rate changes to note include:

  • Inflation related increases to hotel (section 5) and subsistence (section 6) rates that have been benchmarked against the sector and market.
  • An increase in the consumables other rate (13.13) to allow a greater volume of small ad-hoc purchases to be processed more efficiently where the P2P process would time and cost prohibitive.

The policy has been updated in consultation with the university’s Travel Management Committee and colleagues from Assurance.

Please can all staff ensure that any saved bookmarks or links to the old policy are removed or updated.

The updated policy can be found on HR’s Policy Finder tool.

For further information regarding Staff Travel, please visit the Travel for Staff and PGR’s SharePoint site.

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