Talking about disability at UoN: make sure you count

Are you a disabled member of staff? Please help us to better understand the diversity of our work community by updating your personal details on MyView.

Make sure you count

In the UK nearly 5% of people have a disability. Monitoring equality data allows us to better understand the diversity of our staff, to inform current and future policy and practice, identify barriers, and to actively look at ways of removing or mitigating them, as we aim to improve the overall experience of working at the University.

In order to monitor this data as effectively as possible, it’s important for us to have the most accurate information available. Please help us to make sure you are included in our staff data by updating your details on the online MyView portal. MyView is confidential and designed with data security in mind. Data held within the system is managed in accordance with the University of Nottingham’s Data Protection Policy.

If you aren’t able to access MyView there is an online Equality Data Monitoring Form that you can use instead. The form should be sent to HR once completed.

Your information will be used to help ensure that our services and practices are working for everyone through the equality monitoring and impact assessments that we undertake. Data is anonymised when used for this purpose.

To find out more please visit the People and Culture Blog.

Further information:

What is a disability?

New disability leave and absence provisions (introduced April 2017)

Disabled Staff Network

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