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Gender matters in educational leadership

Dr Kay Fuller and the School of Education present this seminar, which will explore the importance of gender in educational leadership.

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Elevating voices – WinSET conference 2015

Join the WinSET (Women in Science, Engineering and Technology) conference 2015, featuring keynote speakers Baroness Brenda Dean, Honorary President of WinSET and Dr Heather Williams, Director of Science Grrl. Followed by discussion.

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Women’s Staff Network Conference 2015

As part of International Women’s Day, join the Women’s Staff Network Conference 2015, featuring Professor Karen Cox, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Emma Leech, Loughborough University, and Dr Jeannie Holstein, Assistant Professor in Strategic and Public Sector Management. All staff and students welcome.

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Enslaved wetnurses in the antebellum United States

The Department of American and Canadian Studies (ACS) present their Women’s History Month Lecture. Emily West, University of Reading, will be in conversation with Rachel Williams, PhD student (ACS), to discuss ‘Enslaved wetnurses in the antebellum United States’.

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International Women’s Day 2015 public lecture – Geographer without a roadmap

Professor Sarah O’Hara delivers an inspirational talk, presenting a different landscape of academic progression, entitled ‘Geographer without a Roadmap’. This International Women’s Day 2015 public lecture is presented by the School of Pharmacy.

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