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Placement Partnerships

The School of Politics and International Relations is looking to develop ‘Placement Partnerships’ with internal University […]

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Norms, values and morality: the comparative politics of human rights

Please join the Research Priority Area in Rights and Justice at The University of Nottingham for a special lecture by Professor Todd Landman, a world-leading expert on human rights. He will discuss the evolution of the international human rights regime, different kinds of human rights measures, and systematic ways in which to map, explain, and understand the variation in human rights abuse around the world.

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LGBT rights are human rights

Join the Centre for Research in Race and Rights and The University of Nottingham Research Priority Area in Rights and Justice for a discussion focusing on LGBT rights around the world. Part of our LGBT History Month celebrations 2016.

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Free online course – ‘Shale Gas and Fracking: the Politics and Science’

Led by Professor Sarah O’Hara from the School of Geography and Mathew Humphry, Head of the […]

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A state of play: representing politics in popular fiction

Steven Fielding, School of Politics and International Relations, delivers the lecture ‘A state of play: representing politics in popular fiction’. Part of the Popular Culture Lecture Series. Art by César Moreno.

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The Polling by William Hogarth

Conflict ‘inevitable’: far right supporters

Far right supporters in the UK believe violent conflict between different religious, racial and ethnic groups is largely inevitable, according to a new survey on political extremism.

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Worrying legacy of Britain’s riots

The recent riots in the UK have left many people feeling that their safety — and the wider British society — is under threat, say experts at The University of Nottingham.

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Sowing seeds for the future

An expert from The University of Nottingham has been studying the role of women as peace-keepers in former war zones — and found international aid agencies are increasingly supporting handicraft schemes as a way of restoring peace.

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