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Festschrift Conference in honour of Professor Sir David Greenaway

This conference is convened by Professor Peter Egger (ETH Zurich) and Professor Chris Milner (GEP, Nottingham) in conjunction with Review of International Economics, to mark Professor Sir David Greenaway’s contribution to research in international economics.

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Why doesn’t technology flow from rich to poor countries?

The School of Economics and the Nottingham Centre on Globalisation and Economic Policy present The World Economy Annual Lecture. Jeremy Greenwood, Professor of Economics (University of Pennsylvania), answers the question ‘Why doesn’t technology flow from rich to poor countries?’

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International dimensions of monetary policy

The School of Economics present ‘International dimensions of monetary policy’ as part of the Nottingham Lectures in International Economics. Giancarlo Corsetti, Professor of Macroeconomics at The University of Cambridge, will deliver three lectures across two days.

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British agriculture: sunrise industry

In this Nottingham Globalisation lecture, Sir Peter Kendall (Chairman, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board) discusses ‘British agriculture: sunrise industry’. No tickets required, all welcome.

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The shifts and the shocks

The School of Economics welcomes Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator for The Financial Times, to present the Nottingham Globalisation Lecture ‘The shifts and the shocks’.

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Paying the price for poor grasp of finances

Consumers with poor financial skills pay over the odds for loans and are eight times more likely to use expensive credit such as payday loans, new research has revealed.

Appears in issue 57

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Big bonus equals hard work?

Bankers may love them, but new research has claimed bonuses don’t actually make us work any harder – and that fines have more impact.

Appears in Issue 46

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