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President Vice-Chancellor Nottingham

Vice-Chancellor’s Blog — December 2017

The Vice-Chancellor has published her latest staff blog thanking all staff for their contribution and support […]

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VC inaugural lecture — livestreamed Thursday 7 December

Following an overwhelming response, the ticket ballot has now closed for the Vice-Chancellor’s inaugural lecture. The […]

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The Vice-Chancellor’s inaugural lecture

Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Shearer West, will deliver her vision for the University in an inaugural lecture […]

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The promotional imagination of film and television – inaugural lecture of Professor Paul Grainge

From trailers and promos to ads and brand videos, promotional media have become a central part of contemporary screen life. This lecture explores the significance of the promotional short-forms that surround movies and TV shows.

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The A to Z of a WP Prof

Inaugural lecture presented by Professor David Gardner BSc, PhD, DSc. Professor of Physiology, School of Veterinary Medicine and Science.

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Epic journeys

Professor Helen Lovatt, Department of Classics, gives this inaugural lecture discussing how ancient epic uses the idea of the journey, and how these journeys were used in later cultures.

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Citius, Altius, Fortius: simulating performance from the pool to the air

This inaugural lecture will review of Professor Hervé Morvan’s background in hydraulics, including his contribution to the 2008 Olympics with Speedo, and his work on oil flow and film modelling with Rolls-Royce, in the context of enabling future engine designs and enhancing performance.

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Teaching an old dog new tricks: surgical veterinary education in the 21st Century

Professor Rob White, Professor of Small Animal Veterinary Surgery, gives an overview of the past, present and future teaching of surgery to the veterinary profession. Part of a series of inaugural lectures celebrating 10 years of the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science.

3.30pm, Saturday 17 September.

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Digitising Darwin through genes and genomes

Professor Richard Emes, Professor of Bioinformatics, provides an insight on the past successes and challenges ahead for research in the genomic age. Part of a series of inaugural lectures celebrating 10 years of the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science.

4.15pm, Saturday 17 September.

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