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Charging against Napoleon- Wellington’s campaigns in the Peninsular Wars and at Waterloo

Admission Free The Napoleonic Wars, which were fought between Britain, France and their allies from 1803, […]

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Cartography and cultural revolution: maps, modernity and the New Soviet man

Dr Nick Baron, Department of History, presents ‘Cartography and cultural revolution: maps, modernity and the New Soviet man’. This talk will explore the role and meaning of cartography in early Soviet culture, with a particular focus on the Stalin period.

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Bambi screening

Join the School of History for a screening of ‘Bambi’, also featuring an introduction and Q&A with Dr Onni Gust and Dr Karen Adler. Part of LGBT History Month.

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Workers of all lands unite?

‘Workers of all lands, unite?’ is a conference aiming to gather postgraduate students (PhDs, MRes, MA), early career researchers, trade unionists and activists interested in working class nationalism and internationalism. Featuring keynote speaker Dan Gallin, Chair of the Global Labour Institute.

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Remembering forgotten heroes of the Great War

Flanders Fields, muddy trenches, the poetry of Wilfred Owen, poppies, the final episode of Blackadder Goes […]

Appears in Issue 80

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Former comfort women

Torment of the comfort women

A researcher is exploring the wartime trauma of Japan’s comfort women.

Appears in Issue 68

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