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Inspiring Teaching: what we can learn from exemplary practitioners

A Centre for Research in Educational Leadership and Management (CRELM) seminar presented by Professor Pam Sammons, Department of Education, University of Oxford.

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Education Policy, the European Union and the European Semester: soft policy in hard times

This is a Centre for Research in Educational Leadership and Management Seminar presented by Professor Howard Stevenson and Alison Milner, School of Education, University of Nottingham. In this presentation we explore the specific role of the ‘European Semester’ and its impact on education policy across the European Union.

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Making the leap: Moving from Deputy Headship to Headship

Transition into first-time headship is a challenge, as the new leader lets go of their former role and prepares to adopt a new professional persona. Dr Berry’s research explores the nature of transition as experienced by deputies moving to be heads of schools which are new to them.

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Taking the helm: A look at teacher leadership programmes in the US

The presentation will examine various teacher leadership models utilised in schools in New York and North Carolina, looking at how teacher leaders can enhance student learning and professional development.

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School choice in England: three dissimilar case studies in the East Midlands

he English education system is becoming increasingly diverse, with several different school types. Schools also compete for pupils because of the link between enrolment and school funding. In this seminar, Dr Abdul-Hamid will present the findings from her study of school choice in three different secondary schools; an academy, a local authority school, and a faith school. This forms part of a wider comparative study with similar school types in Malaysia.

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New principal leadership and school culture

This School of Education seminar presents a study designed to investigate the nature of the interactions between new principals’ leadership and their inherited school cultures in primary schools of different effectiveness states – high, average and low achievement – which face challenging circumstances.

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Why is it difficult to foster Distributed Leadership in Chinese education?

Professor Leslie NK Lo, Beijing Normal University, and the School of Education present this seminar looking at Distributed Leadership in Chinese education.

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Gender matters in educational leadership

Dr Kay Fuller and the School of Education present this seminar, which will explore the importance of gender in educational leadership.

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