Supporting people through Covid-19 – New webinars available for bookings

May 24th, 2021

As we continue to review our practices in response to Covid-19, the LMA have launched the latest webinars for leaders and managers to provide support as colleagues continue to return to campus.

These 50 minutes webinars are open to all university staff and are designed to provide a space for shared experiences, information and support.

Feeling good about health and fitness
Practical advice and tips for you and your teams for staying healthy. This webinar lead by colleagues from the UoN Sports Team is packed of practical hints, tips and activities for keeping you and your team healthy as we come out of the pandemic.
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Emerging from the pandemic: HR guidance and information for supporting team members as they return to campus
There are many practical considerations that need to be made before allowing colleagues to return to campus, with specific processes to be followed to ensure safety for our staff, students and wider University community. In this webinar members of the HR team will walk you through some of the things you need to be aware of, some of the scenarios you might be facing, and how to respond to these. This webinar compliments the updated Return to Operations – Manager’s Guide (HR).
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Emerging from the pandemic: Wellbeing conversations
This webinar will explore how to support staff as they re-integrate into broader social and physical spaces and find ways to re-adjust to post pandemic circumstances. We will have an opportunity to share experiences and discusses what we have learnt during the pandemic about health and wellbeing and importantly, how to have meaningful wellbeing conversations with staff.
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Emerging from the pandemic: Hybrid working – team engagement and cohesion
With some team members returning to campus – possibly not in their normal location, and others working from home, understanding how to support and manage a dispersed team is essential. This webinar, led by Carol Steed, will consider how to keep people connected and still feeling together as a team. We’ll also explore the impacts of a hybrid working approach and how to manage this as part of your leadership practice.
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Emerging from the pandemic: practical considerations when bringing your team members back to campus (H&S)
Keeping staff, students and our University community safe when back on campus is our highest priority. This webinar, led by Sarah Watson from the Health and Safety Team will provide you with the latest updates. We’ll also be explaining the preparation you need to do if you are returning to campus.
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Emerging from the pandemic: Long Covid19 – Rehabilitation and support for staff
As the impacts of Long-Covid19 become better understood, it’s important to support staff as they manage their health with Long-Covid. Led by Dr Jain Holmes, this webinar will build an understanding of the effects of Long Covid19 and take you through the rehabilitation and support mechanisms you can put in place to ensure the care and safety of your staff with Long Covid19 and other long-term health conditions.
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