Engineering students installing wind turbine

Students wind up wind turbine installation

March 24th, 2017

Gordon Potin, a second year mechanical engineering student, recounts how the Wind Turbine Installation Project was a great way to make new friends and gain some valuable experience working with other engineering disciplines.

Building on an ambitious inter-departmental project which was launched last year, I decided to take part in installing a wind turbine for High Leas Farm in Matlock. The project was a great opportunity to enable students to gain practical, hands-on experience while working with other engineering disciplines.

As the Society’s training officer, I managed the project from September last year to February this year. The first step involved securing a date for the installation to go up. After consulting with V3, the renewable energy consultancy, we settled on the weekend of 4 February. Once the date was secured, the team was able to mobilise funds from the Engineering Student Experience Fund (ESEF). This enabled us to carry out the final preparations for the installation, which included servicing the turbine and advertising the project so students could get involved. The installation itself served as an interactive workshop where the students could learn about setting up the wind turbine and the skills needed for it.

The project attracted many students and on the day of the installation, some 15 of them from various departments were involved. The installation took place without any trouble and the wind turbine now generates electricity.

The overall experience was incredible. It helped me grow so much as a student and as a future engineer. I never imagined that I would be able to organise such a project. It’s all thanks to the collaborative effort involving V3, who helped me run the workshop and they even helped EWB find the farm where the wind turbine is now located. Plus, all the students who were involved in installing the turbine and the Engineering Student Experience fund to make it a reality.

I urge all students to get in touch with the ESEF to sponsor your amazing projects. This will help to enhance your university life and our community in the Engineering Faculty.

This project was made possible with the help and support from various collaborators including the University’s Society of Engineers, Engineers without Borders (EWB) and V3 Power. The Engineering Student Experience Fund (ESEF) provided much-needed funding which made the construction of the wind turbine viable.

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