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November 15th, 2022

How do you identify and respond to a hate crime? First-year students will be able to access micro-course content on just that as part of a pilot project designed to make our campus community safer.

Our campus community is friendly, diverse and welcoming to all. We want everyone to feel safe and supported wherever they work and study. But we know that some of our students and staff have experienced hate crime in the city and on campus.

This is not acceptable. There is no place for hate crime on our campuses, as outlined in our expected standards of behaviour. But we also recognise that not everyone feels confident in identifying hate crime – or in knowing how to safely and effectively respond to one.

Using engaging videos and clear, no-nonsense text, these two four-minute hate crime sessions will help students understand what a hate crime is – and how they might address it. Whether that’s safely challenging the perpetrator or supporting the victim.

How you access the course

We’ll send first-year students two text messages from UoN Micro over two days. The texts will contain a link to the bite-sized course, which will take around four minutes to complete on your phone.

Recipients will receive the first text on Tuesday 6 December followed by a second when they’ve completed the first session. Recipients should complete the course in full.

This course, the consent course and one more micro-learning course – on misogyny and how to recognise and call out poor behaviour – are part of a pilot project to explore how we can help our community understand that these important issues are everyone’s responsibility.

We will share opportunities to feed back on the delivery, content and tone of the courses. It will help us assess the current content and refine future courses.

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