Statement from the University working with UCU, Unison and Unite

June 22nd, 2020

As the University of Nottingham implements plans for recommencing essential research and teaching, the wellbeing and safety of staff and students remains the overriding priority.

Regular meetings have taken place with union representatives during the development of the University’s recovery programme to ensure the health and safety of all staff and students.

Representatives from Unite, UCU and Unison have contributed to the development of the University’s health and safety measures, ensuring that they follow government guidelines but also meet the highly specific local needs of the institution.

These include tangible measures people will see on campus such as signage, handwashing stations and one way movement of people, as well as training, advice and support for people returning to work and/or dealing with the impact that lockdown measures and working from home have had on mental health and wellbeing.

Any buildings and facilities that reopen are subject to rigorous health and safety inspections. Health and safety union representatives will be taking part in site visits to further consider how measures will affect returning staff and students and to ensure that they are fully supported and protected.

This remains an ongoing and collaborative process that will evolve as new national guidelines are developed. This collaborative work aims to ensure that the University of Nottingham experience remains as broad and inclusive as possible.

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