Staff engagement workspace and flick books

April 30th, 2018

The University has created a new staff engagement workspace which aims to provide guidance and support, share good practice and keep staff up-to-date with progress across the University.

We would particularly like to introduce a new series of staff engagement flick books which will keep you updated on the University’s staff engagement activities. The first flick book provides an overview of the University’s results and identifies a number of areas that are being prioritised.

Following this, we will be publishing a series of ‘A spotlight on…’ flick books that provide more information on some of the different activities and projects that are happening in response to the survey. ‘A spotlight on PDPR’, and ‘A spotlight on wellbeing’ are ready to view.

We are also recognise the value of sharing good practice across our departments. To support this we are starting to build a resource bank of case studies. This enables departments and teams to share with others the positive initiatives that they have introduced as a result of the survey.

The University has also been analysing the survey results broken down by a range of factors including personal demographics and employment characteristics. The full breakdown of these results can now be viewed on workspace. The People and Culture team will be working with the staff networks where improvements and change are needed.

For more information about the changes following the survey, please email

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One Comment

May 2nd, 2018 at 11:02 am

Nigel Hunt

While I believe news ways of engaging staff is to be applauded, I have two points about this workspace:
1. Sway is awful. Please send information as information, rather than a particularly dull but still nauseating fairground ride
2. Staff engagement suggests a two way process, rather than information being provided top down

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