Staff car parking permits — how to extend your permit

March 7th, 2018

All staff who use University of Nottingham parking permits will by now have received an email advising that changes have been made to the Parking Permit System. The email explains how staff can, if they wish to, extend their existing permit and payments to Friday 31 August 2018 at current rates.

If you are a current parking permit holder, please ensure that you open the link in your email and select the ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ option, with reference to the following instructions:

  • Staff who pay monthly: Members of staff who pay for their parking permits monthly will need to accept (or reject) the new T&C’s:
    • If you select the ‘accept’ option, Payroll will arrange for monthly payments to continue until Friday 31 August 2018 at the same monthly rate as March 2018.
    • If you select the ‘reject’ option, your current parking permit will expire on Saturday 21 March 2018.
  • Staff who pay annually: Staff who pay for parking permits with a single annual payment (salary or cash) will need to select the REJECT option. The Parking Team will then make contact to assist with renewing the permit for five months, if required.
  • Staff Blue Badge permit holders: Members of staff with blue badge permits will need to accept (or reject) the new T&Cs and do nothing else – payment remains at £0.

Associate, Contractor and Resident permit holders will now be able to apply for a new five month permit.

If you require any further information please visit the Car Parking webpage or call 0115 9513557 (Int:13557).

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