Spotlight on…sessions to return

October 25th, 2022

The university’s extremely popular  Spotlight on…… sessions are due to recommence in November.

This year the sessions place a spotlight on a range of hot topics and challenges faced by many staff in Higher Education.

The sessions aim to provide staff with practical insights, tools, tips and conversation around a variety of relevant topics.

Whether you have been at the university for some while, or are newly appointed/promoted, there are topics that are likely to be of interest.

The focus of the sessions will be on exchanging ideas with others attending, as well as bringing examples for discussion with the university experts leading the session.  All sessions are planned to take place virtually using Microsoft Teams.

The upcoming sessions below are all part of the Spotlight on… series.

Coaching Conversation, December 2022, June 2023
This Spotlight session will help colleagues understand the principles and benefits of coaching conversations. We will identify and practice some key coaching techniques. We will discuss some of the everyday conversations that we can use them and the benefits these will bring.

Building trust and accountability in a team, December 2022
This Spotlight session will help colleagues build trust in their teams through greater accountability which is positive, principled and transparent.

Building confidence as a leader: Imposter Phenomenon, November 2022, May 2023
Recognising Imposter Phenomenon is a common issue experienced by many high achievers and leaders across all walks of life and career stages; this spotlight session starts by unravelling the effects and typical profiles of people experiencing Imposter Phenomenon, before moving on to consider effective management and support approaches which can help re-build confidence and effective leadership.

Supporting people through change and complexity, February 2022, April 2023
We face complex continuous change everyday; this spotlight session will open a discussion around effective change leadership which recognises the all-important human side of successful change.

Supporting the career development of your team, January 2023
This spotlight session will help colleagues to align a more holistic and balanced approach to supporting the career development of individuals and succession planning of the team.

Creating a cohesive team culture, January 2023, July 2023
Cohesive, high-performing teams have purpose and trust at their foundation. This spotlight session helps colleagues to build and shape a team culture that values and benefits from team cohesion.

You can book to attend all of the sessions, or just a few – it’s up to you.

Further information, dates and booking can be found on our Spotlight on …sessions webpages.

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