Small change, big impact

April 16th, 2012

Hundreds of University staff have opted to round their net pay down to the nearest pound each month – and donate the pennies to HeartLight: a unique sensor for newborn resuscitation.

The Small Change: Big Impact scheme automatically collects the pennies from net pay each month and places them in a fund to support vital research into HeartLight.

In a collaboration between engineers and clinicians, the HeartLight device is being developed here to save the lives of newborn babies in the UK and across the world.

Melissa and Simon’s son Joel was born 14 weeks early, weighing less than 1lb.

“Joel required resuscitation immediately at birth and was put on a ventilator,” said Melissa. “He had done really well, which is in part due to the expert care he received in the first few minutes of his life. New technology such as the HeartLight sensor could improve the care given at this crucial time, potentially helping to save lives and make a big impact on the outcomes of children like our son. We’ve been fortunate with Joel, and would urge people to support HeartLight at this exciting stage and help more parents to feel the same way in future”

The University’s student community is also supporting HeartLight through a series of events.

“Last year’s Karnival committee was invited to raise funds for a project from Impact: The Nottingham Campaign and came back with overwhelming support for HeartLight,” said Simon Buttenshaw, from the Campaign Office. “Given Karni’s outstanding track record in fundraising, I’m really looking forward to seeing how they do over the course of the year’.

Clinical Associate Professor of Neonatal Medicine Dr Don Sharkey, a project lead, said: “It’s really encouraging to have the backing of the University community for this project. Research into HeartLight is at a critical stage and support through Impact: the Nottingham Campaign will make a real difference and hopefully allow us to improve newborn resuscitation.”

To support this cause, staff need to log into the portal and follow the instructions on the ‘Me’ tab.

Impact: The Nottingham Campaign is delivering the University’s vision to change lives, tackle global issues and shape the future. More information on the Campaign is available at

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