Road repairs at Jubilee Campus — including changes to bus stops and parking

October 26th, 2017

From Saturday 28 October to Sunday 19 November major road repairs will take place to the main spine road at the Jubilee campus.

The resurfacing of the road will be a 1 in 20 year renewal and will include new heavy duty road cushions which are designed to allow cyclists through unimpeded, and which buses and all delivery vehicles and cars can straddle. They are multidirectional to benefit those utilising the parking bays.

Please note that the scarifying and relaying of the road will be carried out predominantly on the weekends and this will incur possibly the most noise, with the concentrated works (pecking the base for the concrete cushions and localised iron works) being undertaken during the week. This will also include a period of curing for the new road concrete cushions, at which point there will be no evident work occurring on site. All relining of the road surface will be undertaken after completion of the relaying of the new surface and will be notified in due course.

During the road repairs, a section of the road and availability of some car/cycle parking facilities will be affected. Click here to view a map of the planned works.

It may be that some disabled parking spaces are affected by the works. If this is the case, we can arrange access to suitable replacement parking spaces: to discuss this, please contact Paul Wright on 0115 9516666.

The estates team apologises for any inconvenience during this period.

Please also note that bus stops outside Newark Hall and The Exchange Building will be closed for the duration of the road works. The following bus stops will be used as alternatives:

  • Jubilee hopper bus (903) – buses will drop off on Triumph Road at the bus stop close to Southwell Hall (bus stop RA53). For journeys towards University Park, buses will pick up from here and from the bus stop on Wollaton Road just before the main entrance to Jubilee Campus (RA07).
  • City Hospital hopper bus (905) – for journeys towards City Hospital, buses will drop off and pick up on Triumph Road at the bus stop close to Southwell Hall (bus stop RA53).
  • NCT service 31 – for journeys towards the city centre, buses will start from Wollaton Road at the bus stop opposite the main entrance to Jubilee Campus (bus stop WO36).

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One Comment

October 23rd, 2017 at 11:07 am

Benjamin Beranek

Why were these road works not scheduled during breaks to the academic year? The timing of these works will negatively impact students and residents of Jubilee Campus. Alternative times would have minimised this impact.

Further, why have key stakeholders on Jubilee not been consulted? As warden of Newark, Southwell, and Melton Halls this is the first I’ve heard of these works and I am disappointed that this has not been previously communicated.

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