Reverse mentoring scheme

December 12th, 2018

To support equality, diversity and inclusion the University is starting an innovative ‘reverse mentoring’ scheme which staff are invited to participate in.

The ReMEDI Project (Reverse Mentoring for Equality Diversity and Inclusion Project) is funded by the University of Nottingham-University of Birmingham Education Partnership Fund and led by Stacy Johnson, School of Health Sciences and Dr Val Watson, Head of the University Counselling Service.

Reverse mentoring is when a person in a senior position is mentored by someone in a more junior position than themselves. The ReMEDI project, will pair University staff and students from black, Asian and other minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds with senior staff and student leaders who are white or from a different ethnic background. The aim is to give staff and students in leadership roles a better insight into what it is like to be a BME member of staff or student at the University.

Reverse mentoring provides an opportunity for staff and students of all ethnicities to engage in honest, open and respectful dialogue about the talent of people from BME backgrounds and the barriers they can face. The insights generated will contribute to improving the educational and professional experience of our diverse staff and student community and contribute to the overall inclusive culture and performance of the University.

Are you a student or member of staff from a black, Asian or other minority ethnic background? Could you reverse mentor a UoN leader?

We are looking for BME staff and students to act as reverse mentors. Any member of staff or student who identifies as being from a black, Asian or other minority ethnic (BME) background can be a reverse mentor if they are willing to share their experiences with someone from a different ethnicity to themselves.

Are you a member of staff or student leader who could benefit from being a reverse mentee and having a BME person reverse mentor you?

We are also looking for reverse mentees i.e. staff and students of all ethnic backgrounds who believe they would benefit from being reverse mentored by a BME student or BME staff member. Have you ever wondered how BME students experience your course or the service you provide? Have you ever wondered what barriers to progression the BME staff you line manage face? Reverse mentoring could help you in your role whether you are a lecturer, librarian, technician administrator or in catering services. Anyone in any University role which deals with staff or students wishing to better understand the experience of BME staff and students can benefit.

The six-month staff-staff relationships and three-month student/staff and student/student relationships, will provide a space for staff and students at UoN to explore areas of good practice and generate ideas and priorities for improving the inclusive culture of the University and those with whom we work.

If you want to find out more about reverse mentoring, click on the links above or email

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