Residential Experience team: book swap and university libraries

February 13th, 2024

The Residential Experience (ResX) team is excited to announce an initiative that is designed to not only promote and nurture a love of reading but also contribute to the creation of community libraries right here on our campuses.

They are organising a book drive to collect a diverse range of books that will serve as a foundation for an upcoming Book Swap Event on Friday 1 March 2024 in Nightingale Hall, University Park.

Students will have the opportunity to exchange books with their peers or from our library of donated books, where they can discover new books and expand their literary horizons.

This event is being run as part of Literary Celebration Week; a whole week of events and activities around getting students excited and engaged with literature.

Any books that have not been claimed at the end of the event will be used to establish term-time community libraries in locations around the Halls. These community libraries will be for halls of residence students, hopefully providing a source of inspiration and knowledge for the community.

The team are inviting all staff members to participate in this cause by donating gently used books that you may have already read, or were thinking of donating to charity.

The genres are limitless – anything from non-fiction, to mystery, science fiction, and beyond. Every book counts, and your contribution will play a crucial role in shaping the literary landscape at the University.

Whether you have a full bag of books that you’re wanting to donate or a single book that has been lying on a bookshelf in your home for a few years, any contributions are greatly appreciated.

The wonderful Libraries team are working with us in this endeavour, meaning you can drop off books at the below library Reception desks:

If you’re struggling to get to any of these locations but would like to contribute, please email to chat about getting the books picked up.

Collections for the Book Swap event will be open until Thursday 29 February 2024, but if you have any books to donate after that, please let ResX know.

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