Reportable Events – launch of university process

December 14th, 2021

In order to manage the university’s obligations in relation to reportable events, a new process has been put in place detailing the steps staff and students should take if they identify an event that is potentially reportable.


The university is required to comply with the regulatory framework set out by the Office for Students (OfS) and must report any incidents that may be considered reportable events.

The regulatory framework’s definition of a reportable event is:

“any event or matter that, in the reasonable judgement of the OfS, negatively affects or could negatively affect:

(a) The provider’s eligibility for registration with the OfS

(b) The provider’s ability to comply with its conditions of registration

(c) The provider’s eligibility for degree awarding powers, or its ability to comply with the criteria for degree awarding powers, where the provider holds degree awarding powers

(d) The provider’s eligibility for university title, where the provider holds university title.”

What does a reportable event look like?

Many reportable events are things that, if they took place, would affect the university at an institutional level.  Examples that may be more relevant to the day-to–day activities of faculties and schools include:

  • Notification of an investigation by a professional, regulatory or statutory body which would include organisations that accredit our degrees
  • Closure of a subject area or department
  • Fraud and legal cases under certain circumstances.

What to do if you identify a reportable event

If you become aware of an event or activity that might be considered a reportable event, and would like to discuss this further, please contact Lisa Stocks, Associate Director for Regulatory Compliance or send details by email to

Please note the university will use our usual policies and procedures to investigate a potential reportable event as part of our consideration.

You can find more information about reportable events on our Governance webpages.

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