Rail travel updates have arrived

April 3rd, 2019

Improvements to the Business Travel and Expenses Rail contract on workspace have been completed and users will now be experiencing the new look and feel for purchasing UK rail tickets.

The improvements are in collaboration with the TrainLine for Business, a user friendly service that many customers will already be familiar with. Key changes mean that users no longer have to “pay and claim” as they had to previously.

A booking can now be made using just a project code (with pre approval to purchase) and the transaction will be imported to Agresso for Financial accounting. This means a time saving, especially for regular train users, and a more streamlined workflow.

Jeannette Harrison, Travel and Expense Services Manager, said: “The switch to the Trainline will enable us to improve the service in a number of hidden ways as well as the great improvements for our customers”.

In addition to promoting the new service we are thanking our passengers for using mobile phone tickets as much as possible to reduce printing and posting. We are also happy to see customers booking specific travel times as opposed to anytime tickets which dramatically reduces cost. The team has been working extremely hard towards the changes and deserves a big thank you.”

Regular users of the service should be aware of changes to the University’s Travel and Expenses Policy which include a move to Standard Class and a requirement for pre booking tickets.

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