Science Public Lecture Series: Quantum resources and where to find them

November 6th, 2019

Next month’s lecture in the Science Public Lecture series focuses on quantum resources and where to find them.

The quirky features of the quantum realm have puzzled scientists for a century. Microscopic particles can be in superpositions of two states at once — say heads and tails — and share entanglement, a correlation that defies their separation in space and time. Efforts in unmasking and controlling these features triggered a technological overhaul rivalling last century’s industrial revolutions.

Join Professor Gerardo Adesso on Thursday 12 December to venture into the foundations of quantum mechanics and explore recent progress in exploiting its most elusive signatures as resources for disruptive information and communication tasks.

These lectures are open to everyone, free to attend and take place once a month at 6pm in lecture theatre B1 in the Physics Building.

Find more information about the series of lectures or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Hilary Collins or Chris Staddon.

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