Professional Services Quality Survey

May 27th, 2016

Colleagues are invited to partake in the Professional Services Quality Survey.

This is now a regular survey and this time, the survey will be run jointly at six other universities and it will therefore be possible not only to assess current views of service quality but also to benchmark those outcomes against others.

This survey seeks your views on interactions you have had with our Professional Services since September 2015. The survey will remain open for several weeks. To complete it, please click the following link, or copy and paste the entire link into your browser’s address bar:

Your responses are anonymous, unless you choose to identify yourself in written comments; any comments you do make will be anonymised in any reports produced. This message has been sent to all colleagues and should not need to be cascaded to individual members of staff.

Please direct any technical queries about the survey to: Strategy, Planning & Performance (x 41050)
Please direct any queries about the purpose of the survey to: Andrew Hindmarsh (x 15764)

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