Pride Mentoring: a dedicated LGBT+ mentoring community

February 22nd, 2021

As part of LGBT+ History Month, the University is launching the Pride Mentoring scheme.

The Mentoring Community, hosted by the University’s LGBTQ+ Staff Network, will facilitate peer-to-peer support between members drawing on their identity and workplace experiences and perspectives.

Find out more and sign-up on the Network’s SharePoint pages.

Being open and authentic in the workplace plays a huge role in an individual’s success, mental health, and wellbeing.

Through our new mentoring community, we, as a Network, seek to support our members to learn from one another about their experiences as part of our diverse family and navigate work life at the University.

This includes challenges related to the LGBTQ+ identity, for example

  • being ‘out’ in the workplace;
  • how you might express your identity;
  • coming to terms with your LGBTQ+ identity;
  • where to turn for support, to report hate crime and harassment;
  • feelings of isolation and loneliness and
  • signposting to policies relevant to the community, for example, changing names and gender on employee records.

Unlike other mentoring opportunities at the University, as an LGBTQ+ inclusive scheme, we seek to sensitively match mentees and mentors based on their sexual orientation and gender identity and their experience, goals and interests.

You can choose to join as a mentor, mentee or both.

Find out more and sign-up on the Network’s SharePoint pages.

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