Preparing our students for the digital workplace

November 8th, 2018

The University has made available a tool to help all students assess their digital capabilities in preparation for entering the digital workplace.

‘Digital capabilities’ has been identified as one of the most important career skills yet, according to Jisc’s Digital experience insights survey 2018, only 41% of UK students felt that their course prepared them for the digital workplace.

In response to this, the University is making available Jisc’s Digital Discovery Tool, which enables students to self-assess their capabilities and provides personalised reports containing suggestions for next steps and online resources to help them further develop their skills in six key areas:

  1. ICT proficiency
  2. Information, media and digital literacies
  3. Digital creation, problem-solving and innovation
  4. Digital communication, collaboration and participation
  5. Digital learning and development
  6. Digital identity and wellbeing

The University is asking staff to help promote this tool and encourage students to use it to self-assess their digital capabilities. Please do prompt students to complete the assessment during any appropriate teaching sessions. Personal tutors should also encourage students to discuss their results with them if they wish to do so.

The tool is also available for staff to use. You can use it to enhance your understanding of the tool and provide support to students, or you can use it to assess your own digital capabilities and access training resources in a confidential manner.

While all responses are confidential, the University will have access to the aggregate data of the results across the institution. This will help us identify gaps in our digital learning support and improve our provision for both staff and students.

Staff and students can access the tool by logging in with their University username and password. Use the link below.

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