Plant Sale – Tuesday 15 December 2020

December 10th, 2020

The Estates Grounds Greenhouse (on Keighton Hill) will be holding a plant sale to sell some of the seasonal plants that are normally purchased as part of our winter graduation planting schemes along with other stock items.

There will be the usual seasonal plants along with other house plants and those that are purely grown for their foliage. All plants will be £2.00 each, regardless of shape size and form. Plants cannot be prepaid for and no stock will be held. Plants will be sold on a first-come, first-service basis.

No money will change hands and the correct money must be used as no change will be given. Money can be dropped in the ‘Honesty Box’ located with the self-service bagging area.

As there will be restrictions in place, queuing may be likely and consideration for the weather must be taken into account, so please dress accordingly and to suit the weather condition on the day as there will be no cover provided. To aid with the current situation all doors will be open and extraction fans from each greenhouse will be run to aid airflow/ventilation.

  • The plant sale will be held on Tuesday 15 December 2020 (one day only) and will run from 9:30am until 2pm.
  • Signage will be erected and must be followed as per government/University guidelines and if queuing occurs, all customers must adhere to social distancing of at least 2 meters. The entrance to the greenhouse will be via the rear of the Life Sciences carpark and up the slope leading to the rear doors of the Life Sciences Building
  • On entering the greenhouse, it will be expected that everyone sanitises their hands using the dispenser provided and that face mask/coverings are worn at all times
  • There will be a one way system in operation within the greenhouse and the surrounding paths, therefore please do not use rear doors at the back of the Estates Office for the duration of the plant sale, as queues may be expected through the one way system in place
  • Only be two people will be permitted within the greenhouse corridor at any one time and one within the greenhouse that breaks off the corridor
  • There will be 6-7 greenhouses open with plants for sale, those that are open will be marked/identified as such
  • Customers will have the opportunity to select what they want, trays will be provided if more than one plant is purchased.
  • All plants will be £2, Polyanthus (various varieties) will be 10 for a £1. All subject to availability of course.
  • There will be no reservation or holding of stock, and plants would need to be sold on a first come first service basis as always (as mentioned above)
  • Bags will be provided, and the majority of plants should be sleeved to aid transit. It will be the responsibility of the customer to bag their own plants
  • The exit will be clearly marked and again a hand sanitiser dispenser will be in place within the bagging area. Any used trays will be collected at the exit, wiped down and returned to the entrance (by greenhouse staff) ready for the next customer.

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