Phishing attack from ‘ITS Service Desk’

June 22nd, 2015

Information Services are receiving reports of email phishing attempts which pertain to be from credible senders.

On Monday 22 June a number of staff received an email claiming to be from ‘ITS Service Desk’ about a Webmail Account Survey. This email message gives the impression that it has been sent via a university email account and prompts the receipient to click on a link labelled ‘Survey’. This is a phishing attempt and the link has been blocked on the University network.

Phishing emails usually include a link to a website asking for personal credentials. By hovering over the link you will usually see that it will attempt to direct you to an unrelated website. Some emails will include an attachment which might include a virus or malware.We are asking users to be aware of these scams and to be vigilant against them by not opening the attachment if you are not expecting an email from the sender and also not to open any suspicious websites and submit personal details.

Information about phishing attacks and how to avoid them can be found on the IT Services website.

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