Personal Relationships Policy updated

June 7th, 2021

Further to feedback from colleagues and trades unions, the Staff Personal Relationships Policy has been amended to remove the requirement to declare relationships between staff members where there is no actual or perceived conflict of interest.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and People Professor Sarah Sharples said:

“The policy aims to support a safe environment for university staff, and place wellbeing at the heart of our considerations, whilst ensuring visible trust and integrity in decision-making and leadership.

“We have been happy to act on feedback from colleagues and address their concern by removing the need to declare a relationship where there is no conflict of interest in the workplace.

“Different types of relationships will occur between staff in our community, and the existence of a personal relationship between staff members will not always pose a conflict of interest.

“However, where these occur in shared working environments, for example, between a supervisor and a team member, this policy should protect them and their colleagues from actual or perceived conflicts of interest.”

Colleagues should refer to the updated version of the policy and declare personal relationships to a line manager where there is a conflict of interest.  Where any relationships have been declared and there is no conflict of interest, please delete or destroy any copies of the declaration form.

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