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April 9th, 2019

The Molecular and Metabolic Physiology group are looking for women and men to take part in a research study looking at the effects of ingesting protein after resistance exercise.

People respond to feeding with protein by increasing the production of new protein in their muscle, a process known as muscle protein synthesis (MPS). This response has been found to be further increased when combined with resistance exercise. The optimal dosing of protein to maximise MPS has been the subject of much debate and little is known as to the optimal protein needed. We wish to test how much protein is needed post exercise in both women and men for maximal muscle growth.

Volunteers will be required to undergo a medical screening visit, a strength assessment and a further 3 more visits to the medical school, with the time commitment for the whole study being 12hrs. Volunteers must be 18-35yrs old, male or female who regularly do resistance exercise.

Further information can be found on the  website. To get involved please email Dr Joanne Mallinson on

An inconvenience allowance will be provided. The study is taking place now until October 2019.

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April 16th, 2019 at 8:55 am

John Blood

I assume the cut off at 35 years is because testosterone and growth hormone levels are falling after that age. What about the age groups which would benefit more from weight bearing exercise. Recent research has shown there are considerable health benefits to the 35 to 100 age range in resistance training and strength development. Shouldn’t the university be at the forefront of research instead of doing dark age backward stuff.

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