Participants needed for driving simulator study

October 12th, 2015

Researchers from the Human Factors Research Group are looking for volunteers for a driving simulator study between 12 October and 26 October.

During the study you will be asked to undertake two drives, each lasting approximately 30 minutes. The study will take place in the afternoon.

It is important that have had a normal lunch and have not consumed caffeine (e.g. tea, coffee, energy drinks) during the 2 hours prior to taking part. It is also important that you have not participated in a driving simulator study during the last three months.

The team are looking for participants who:

  • have held a valid UK or EU driving license for 3 years or longer
  • are aged over 30 years old
  • own/lease a car
  • do not suffer from severe motion sickness, epilepsy, migraines, dizziness, blurred vision
  • are not pregnant

The study will take approximately two hours and you will be given a £20 Amazon voucher for your time. The study will take place in the Simulation Room, ITRC Building, University Park.

Please use your email address to sign up for a space on Doodle. You can also email David R Large if you have any questions and/or would like to participate in the study.

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