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April 16th, 2012

Architecture students from The University of Nottingham have come up with a creative and sustainable way of helping us shelter from the elements.

The team of second year students from the Department of Architecture and Built Environment have designed a pavilion built from shipping pallets for this year’s Ecobuild exhibition — the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment.

The design is a combination of two Nottingham pallet designs chosen by Ecobuild. Over the Christmas holidays the 14 students combined aspects of both to create ‘A Fleeting Retreat’ — a space where visitors can relax, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Guillermo Guzman Dumont, Project Director, said: “The design creatively demonstrates the issues and responsibilities architecture students have in helping to develop the built environment in a sensitive and sustainable way. It also highlights an exciting and innovative way to demonstrate an alternative to disposing of pallets to landfill.”

The structure is designed to create a sanctuary between buildings and places using reusable construction material and demonstrates how shipping pallets can be reused in a unique and elegant way.

The students wanted the pavilion to emphasise the immutable relationship between man and his environment.

Jessica Wallis, a second year architecture student, said: “We explored organic form through the shape of dry leaves, particularly in the way they enclose space by delicately sitting on the ground. The Retreat provides a scenically enhanced shelter for students moving between buildings.”

The project is a partnership with Scott ELM, a division of the Scott Group. Michael Noble, Managing Director of Scott ELM, said: “The partnership between the Nottingham architects and Scott Group, highlights an exciting and innovative way to demonstrate an alternative to disposing of pallets to landfill. The project raises awareness that pallets have inherent value as a timber product, by dismantling it the energy of construction is lost which is bad for the carbon footprint.”

You can find the students on Facebook and on Twitter @fleetingretreat.

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April 20th, 2012 at 8:38 am

Simon Buttenshaw

As well as the partnership with Scott ELM, the project benefitted from a £12,000 grant from Cascade – the University of Nottingham’s fund to enhance the student experience. The award, funded by donations from alumni and friends, covered transport costs and enabled staff and students to stay in London to exhibit their project at the fair.

For more information on Cascade visit:

June 27th, 2015 at 6:44 pm

Michael Noble

It was a pleasure to partner with the students at Nottingham University and Guillermo Guzman. Winning the price at EcoBuild for your sustainable creation was a great bonus. Do not hesitate to contact us in the future for more collaborative opportunities! Best wishes

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