Nottingham to play its part in government-supported pilot to improve testing participation

May 4th, 2021

The university is set to take part in a pilot to test how participation in asymptomatic Covid-19 testing might be improved.

Students in Cripps and Lincoln Halls of Residence have agreed to take part in the pilot, aiming to achieve 90% participation in twice weekly testing, which is incentivised by allowing greater social interaction and mixing within the hall.

The Testing Participation Pilot has been given approval by Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Local Public Health and is supported by Government.

It will begin on Thursday 6 May for an initial four weeks. Students are required to test twice weekly, via the university’s in-house Asymptomatic Testing Service. This will give a clear indication of the prevalence of Covid-19 within halls, with any positive cases quickly identified and isolated.

Within each of the pilot halls, students will be allowed to mix with all residents, while still wearing masks and adhering to 2-metre social distancing in communal spaces and when interacting with staff.

The focus of this pilot is on more ‘traditional’ Halls of Residence such as Cripps and Lincoln. These Halls have large corridors, shared facilities, communal dining and socialising models which makes a ‘household’ an arbitrary concept.

It is hoped that the pilot will help to increase safety on campus and provide insights that will inform better policy and best practice at how to increase testing participation in university settings.

All other university students, as well as staff, continue to be encouraged to take part in asymptomatic Covid-19 test at least weekly.  Students in other halls will be encouraged to increase the levels of testing participation, to be considered for inclusion in the pilot should it be extended by Government.

To find out more information about the Testing Participation Pilot, including FAQs for students and staff, visit the dedicated Testing Participation Pilot webpages.

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