Nottingham Student Experience Survey results

June 24th, 2016

The University has received a 94% overall satisfaction rating from students studying at all levels across the University in the UK. This information was gathered in the Nottingham Student Experience Survey, which shows the highest rating we’ve had since doing the survey.

180 universities from 18 countries – including 50 from the UK, took part in the iGraduate survey, which within Nottingham is referred to as the Nottingham Student Experience Survey (NSES).

The survey asks students at all levels of study to share their experiences of their time at University, from application to arrival, to academic and pastoral support as well as their views on the University and its facilities.

This survey is more wide ranging than the National Student Survey and provides us with important insights into what students think about us in their early years here, which then allows us to paint a more comprehensive picture of what we’re doing well and where we might need to focus efforts to improve their experience.

Pro Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Experience, Professor Sarah O’Hara said: “At a 94% overall satisfaction, the NSES results for 2016 indicate that across the whole student population there is much for us to be proud of. At the same time, interrogating the results more deeply shows areas in which we can improve further still, and we should work hard to do so.”

The full breakdown of results can be seen via the NSES Results Explorer, which you can access from the SPP Tableau Catalogue in the Strategy Support Centre. The NSES Explorer allows you to interrogate the results of the survey across the University, at campus, Faculty, School and Department level.

Further support

Tableau Reader is available via UoN Applications. You can find it by searching for ‘Tableau’ in the Windows Start menu on your PC desktop.

The NSES Results Explorer is provided by Strategy, Planning and Performance who also provide an accompanying user guide.

If you have questions about any substantive aspects of the NSES results or the Explorer, please contact SPP directly by emailing

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