Nottingham Reward Scheme awards finalised

July 19th, 2022

The Nottingham Reward Scheme (NRS) 2021/22 awards have now been finalised. Successful nominations have been recognised locally over the past few weeks, with relevant managers or management groups directly notifying recipients of the type and value of their award.

Congratulations to all our successful awards recipients – and thank you for your hard work and contributions over the past year.

Cash awards will be paid in July salary payments and consolidated increments will be effective from Monday 1 August 2022 and paid within August salary payments. Voucher awards are also now available via the Employee Hub.

Thanks also to everyone involved in this round of nominations, nominations for higher level awards made now will be reviewed in January for payment in February except consolidated awards which are reviewed in June.

You can view the full scheme details here.

Remember that voucher awards for between £25 and £100 can be made throughout the year on the Employee Hub and Microsoft Praise can also be used to say ‘Thank you’ via Teams.

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