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May 8th, 2019

University of Nottingham has entered into an agreement with Nottingham Credit Union (NCU) so that staff can benefit from a range of straightforward saving products and fair, manageable loans, with the option to save or make repayments directly and easily by salary deduction through payroll.

All financial arrangements, queries and agreements are handled directly by NCU. NCU set up any agreed salary deductions directly with the University, as a ‘payroll partner’.

More information on this is available through the NCU website or by calling 0115 8283121.

University of Nottingham has worked with the Nottingham Financial Resilience Partnership to arrange this agreement with NCU, and to support their goal to improve financial lives and support the local community.


Why UoN has partnered with NCU

  • Promoting responsible lending – Credit Unions do not lend more than their members can afford to repay
  • Encouraging members to save – helping members to take control of their money
  • Not-for-profit – existing to serve their members, providing a safe place to save and borrow at reasonable rates
  • Ethical savings – benefiting the local community
  • Regulated by FSCS – keeping their members’ money safe

Why opt for a salary deduction scheme with NCU

  • Exclusive offers and preferential interest rates for UoN staff through a payroll arrangement
  • Offer responsibly lending where other lenders may not
  • Repayments are hassle-free as they are set up directly from salary with payroll

Find out more at


  • Q. What is payroll/salary deduction?
    A. Please visit
  • Q. What is a Credit Union?
    A. You can find information at
  • Q. Is my money safe with a Credit Union?
    A. Nottingham Credit Union are a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and are affiliated to the Association of British Credit Unions Ltd. (ABCUL).

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